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Our history of tradition and experience is your guarantee of quality.


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Tradition and Experience
Flexcon Packaging was formed in 1996 to service the UK and European FIBC Industry.
A History of Success
Within a very short period, Flexcon has become one of the leading suppliers of Big-Bags with sales in excess of 1 Million bags per year.

With the recent opening of our Gold Coast, Queensland - Australian office, we are expanding our operation with additional sales throughout the Pacific Region.

Each bag produced, is manufactured to the highest standard under an ISO 9002 quality system, supported by all the relevant testing certification and conforms to the latest AFIBCA handling characteristics.

Satisfying customer requirements is more than just supplying a 'cheap' bag as many of our competitors do.  A bag that is correctly manufactured, enabling safe handling, utilising the strongest materials, at a cost effective price has got to be good for business, as our growth shows.  Our distribution centre also has ample stock space to accommodate the "just in time" delivery service that many of our customers require.

Our people
With a sales team that boasts over 30 years experience in the production and sales of FIBC's, a backup administration/marketing department which is second to none, our customers know that their livelihoods are safe not only in our bags, but also in our hands!

Whatever your problem may be, we have the experience and the capability to solve it, so for more information on what Flexcon can do for your business, contact us via e-mail enquiry, or ring/fax our sales office on

Tel. +61 (0) 7-5528-3245
Fax. +61 (0) 7-5528-3246