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All our big bags are custom made to your design requirements.


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Body Construction
The basic bag shape consists of a square or rectangular base.

Sizing of bags very much depends on the purpose for which the bag will be used. For instance, a common dimension for shipping containers is 89cmx 89cm, however, 74cmx 74cm or 104 cm x 104 cm might be better for rail freight. If just being used for storage, taller or wider bags may be preferred.

Flexcon holds a wide range of fabric in different widths and grammage; enabling us to supply out of stock or custom manufactured to your requirements.

In bulk bags, working loads from 500kg to 2,000kg are possible and fabrics are designed to meet a minimum of 5:1 safety factor. However, denser and stronger fabrics for a safe working load of 6:1 or higher can be manufactured. For hazardous materials, a variety of UN approved bag designs are also available.

Fabrics woven with a breathing stripe allow the passage of more air (necessary for products like potatoes) while maintaining the integrity of the bag. Coated fabrics are suggested for use with either fine powder products or those sensitive to moisture. Conductive fabric and bag designs are available for products that form static energy.
Standard Four Loop Bag Two Loop One Loop Bag
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As the standard bag will round out on filling, a design has been created which reduces this effect through the use of internal baffles to provide tautness without in any way reducing capacity. This baffle bag will cut down on space requirements, thereby also lowering freight costs by as much as 30%.
Baffle Bag Conical Bag
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The conical bag is designed specifically to assist in complete discharge of contents which are slightly sticky (like brown sugar).
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