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All our big bags are custom made to your design requirements.


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Accessories & Identification
Corex (corrugated polypropylene) can be inserted around the sides to stiffen the bag and provide protection for the product from external damage. A perimeter band (sewn around the top edge) will give extra strength to loops on lifting. Self-standing loops can be easily attached to lifting equipment, and loops can also be covered to protect them from abrasion.
Corex Insertion Perimeter Band Loop Protection
Sift-Proof Seam  

For fine powder products, coated fabrics and several seam options are available. Based on the fitness of the contents, one of various sift-proof methods will prevent leakage.

Various types of fastening systems can be applied to the filling and discharge spouts.

Quick-Release Tie Metal-Lock Release B-Lock Release
Identification of the bag with your company and your product is achieved through choice of color, printing and labeling. Different types of document pouches can also be provided.
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