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Bulk Cargo Solutions
Dry Bulk Intermodal Container Liners
Flexcon can offer you total solutions when it comes to shipping your cargo.. Offering Dry Bulk Container Liners capable of transporting any non-hazardous dry, flowable product weighing up to 26.3 tonnes. Flexcon's bulk liners, also known as shipping, sea bulk or sea land container liners, are manufactured using Polypropylene woven fabric in both coated and non-coated fabric, offering vast savings on conventional Polythene resin whilst giving your product a safer form of packaging thanks to its stronger and more durable fabric.

Flexcon's bulk liner sizes conform to any corresponding shipping container and offer liners for both 20 and 40ft containers. Dry Bulk Container Liners bring benefits such as enabling bulk cargos to be shipped "door to door" with a minimum of handling, avoid cargo contamination from air pollutants and salt air, also avoid unnecessary container cleaning costs.

The listed benefits of using Dry Bulk Container Liners are just a few of many. If you are currently using or are interested in finding out more about Dry Bulk Container Liners, please complete the enquiry form or call our sales office for friendly, professional advice.

If you use any of the below products, you should be asking Flexcon to assist you in your Bulk Cargo needs.

Wheat, Sugar, PVC, Rice Polypropylene, PTA, PET, Polyester, Maize Germ, Maize Grit, Coca Beans, Corn, Aluminium Oxide, Chocolate Crumb and many more...
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