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uality Assurance Process
A stringent quality assurance program ensures the quality of our products.


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ISO 9002 Certification

All of our production sites are certified to ISO 9002. This endorsement confirms the manufactuing standards, accountability and documentation that we provide.

To ensure that production meets expected quality criteria, Flexcon regularly tests all the intermediate products (yarn, cloth, webbing and liners) that are incorporated in the final product, the bag. Every bag type is also certified by one of the major European test institutes - Labordata (Germany), TNO (Netherlands), or Nel (UK). When bags are being used for hazardous materials, UN certification can also be obtained.

The Quality Assurance Program
All production is made at the three plants which house the entire process from production of the yarn to the printing on finished bags. This control over the product from beginning to end assures us, and you, of the quality of our products.

The quality process control consists of three steps; material inspection and testing, process inspection and testing, and final quality control. During the materials inspection the yarn is tested for width and strength, and a "denier" measurement is made. Once the yarn is woven, the fabric is once again tested for width, grammage, weaving density, as well as the strength of the warp and weft. Samples taken from the fabric are also tested for UV resistance. This meticulous process inspection also applies to the final quality control where the bags are measured and visually checked to ensure the customers' specifications have been met. Finally a strength test is applied using bursting test equipment.
Error Traceability System
If, in the unlikely event of a production flaw, Flexcon is easily able to track back through the production process, all the way to the raw material, to identify the problem. Using this traceability system, all non- conforming products are marked in the plant using special means. Any non-conformities are immediately corrected and measures implemented to correct the problem.

The results of this stringent quality assurance program are polypropylene bags that Flexcon customers have come to trust and depend on.
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