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A stringent quality assurance program ensures the quality of our products.


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Process Inspection and Testing - Fabric Width, Grammage & Weave Density Test
The yarn is now processed to produce the fabric of the bulk bag. Every roll that is produced is checked for its' grammage on a precise scale and the weave is checked on an illuminated table to ensure that the fabric meets Flexcon's standards.
Process Inspection and Testing - Fabric Strength of Warp & Weft
Using a testing machine connected to a computer terminal, the fabric warp and weft is tested for strength and elongation. A computer generated report compares test data with Flexcon strength standards to ensure that the required levels of fabric quality are met.
Fabric Grammage Test Fabric Strength Test
Process Inspection and Testing - Fabric UV Resistance Test
After the test for warp and weft is completed the Fabric Quality Control Officer will test fabric samples for resistance to UV light. This test will make sure that the fabric is able to withstand the atmospheric conditions that it is likely to encounter during use.
Process Inspection and Testing - Webbing Strength and Grammage Test
Every roll of webbing to be used in the lifting loops is also tested for breaking strength, grammage and elongation.
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