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A stringent quality assurance program ensures the quality of our products.


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Final Quality Control - Bag Strength Test
As part of the production process the Quality Control Officer will perform a burst test on random bag samples to verify the safe working load of the completed bags. This is done with a test rig which is able to apply up to 12 tonnes of pressure to a loaded bag and will indicate the durability of the final product.
Bag Burst Test Bag Inspection
Final Quality Control - Bag Inspection
In the last stage of the production process, and prior to palletizing, each and every bag is inspected by the quality control staff to ensure that all features comply with the customer's specifications.

This testing procedure ensures that the bulk bags supplied to all Flexcon's customers adhere to the highest quality standards. Flexcon's insistence on a stringent program of quality assurance guarantees the customers' satisfaction.

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